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What does it mean when honey crystalizes?

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, when honey crystalizes it does not mean it is bad honey. In fact it is showing how all-natural and high quality the honey is and that it has not been processed. Honeys with a lighter color are likely to crystalize a little faster than those darker like Buckwheat honey. Archaeologists have found honey in ancient Egyptians' tombs and were still able to eat the honey, hundreds of years later..

If your honey begins to crystalize or you receive it and it's crystalized, place the lass jar in very hot water until the honey liquifies. If you have one of our packets, just place the packet in warm water or between your hands and it will liquify again.

Crystallization of honey is showing how all-natural the honey is. Honey is comprised of fructose, glucose, water, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, with the average pH of honey being 3.91.

The next time you see a crystalized jar of honey, just remember it is showing how all-natural the honey is and all you have to do to liquify it again is place it in warm water.


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